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How can you fully enjoy your RV or Boat if it's not in pristine condition?

We understand it can be a hassle to take these vehicles in for detailing and you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to. 

At Pristine Auto Detail, we are well versed in the maintenance of RVs and boats. We know that there are electrical panels and equipment that need to be protected while we wash and treat the exteriors. That is why we can be trusted with your highly prized possessions.

We will clean, detail, correct, and protect your RV or boat professionally, precisely, and pristinely. 

If you are anywhere near the Prescott area, Pristine Auto Detail will come to you!

What You Can Expect With Our RV and Boat Detailing Services

Exterior Detail

With our high-quality exterior detail services, your RV or boat will be looking like new just in time for your next adventure or before storing for the season. 

Renew and protect the paint from harmful UV rays and water spots. With a thorough wash and an application of ceramic sealant or coating, you will receive a desired and enviable Pristine clean and luxurious shine.

RV Motorhome Camper Van Covered by Active Washing Foam
exterior detailing and washing airplane wing

Your recreational vehicle will
receive the ultimate care and attention

Men Washing Modern Class C Camper Van RV with Active Foam


A power wash and foam bath, including the wheel wells and the barrels of your rims.

hand polishing an rv with clay bar and clay lubricant


A clay bar application to remove any contaminants and imperfections from the paint that a wash mitt can't get.

washing the wings of an aircraft


A 6-month ceramic sealant on the windows and the paint to provide UV protection with a high-gloss shine. The ceramic sealant also helps to repel dirt, dust, and water to keep your vehicle looking new and easier to clean.

exterior detailed large luxury motor home


A dressing on all the plastics and tires to renew the appearance.

Need Your RV or Boat Detailed?

I am happy to put an auto detailing package together that is right for you and your budget.

Preserve Your
RVs and Boats

We live in an area with a high UV ray index and recreational vehicles are especially susceptible to harsh elements – water damage, bugs, bird droppings, pine, tar, etc., we highly recommend that you protect your investment and make it last longer with a ceramic coating – inside and out.

ceramic coating on a larger rv

Ceramic coating

Why should I invest in ceramic coating for my RV or boat?

We have a ceramic coating package that is just right for your vehicle!

Paint Correction for RVs and Boats

Your adventure just got so much more enjoyable with a refreshed exterior. Paint correction will remove any oxidation and will reduce scratches to make your paint look just-like new again!

Add a paint correction upgrade to your ceramic coating package to get the best results possible.

paint correction rv

The best part about it all




RV Park


parking garage


Preserve Your RVs & Boats

Recreational vehicles are especially subject to a lot of elements – the Arizona sun, water damage, bugs, bird droppings, etc. Protect your investment and make it last longer with a ceramic coating – inside and out.

RVs & Boats Correction and Protection

$ 10/ft starting at
  • Washes - $10/foot
  • 1-year - $10/foot
  • Paint Correction and Protection - $20/foot
  • Removes oxidation and scratches, add UV protection, and a rich gloss.

Pristine Auto Detail serves the Prescott Quad-City area
plus Sedona and Cottonwood.

Now there is no excuse for not getting your RV or boat back to brand-new condition with Pristine’s mobile detailing service with comparable prices.