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Paint Correction Services

Have you been noticing that your car paint doesn’t have that showroom shine anymore? You may have even started to notice tiny imperfections and scratches.

If you’re looking to restore the amazing luster and shine of your car paint, paint correction is the way to go. There are many steps involved in this process and it is crucial to follow each of them carefully to achieve desired results.

Benefits of Paint Correction

There are many benefits that come from paint correction when it is done by a professional.

Benefit #1
Improved Appearance

Most people think of a car’s paint job as something that is purely cosmetic. However, the paint on your car does more than just make it look good. It is actually a very important part of your car’s structure. 

Paint correction can vastly improve the appearance of your vehicle and make it look new again. It also removes swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections from your paint.

This will leave your vehicle with a deep, rich shine. In addition, paint correction can also protect your paint from further damage. You may also want to think about our ceramic coating service for the best look.

paint correction buffing on silver sedan
paint correction on red sedan

Benefit #2 Increased Resale Value

A vehicle with well-maintained and correctly polished paintwork will always be more attractive to potential buyers than one with dull, faded or scratched paintwork.

In addition, paint correction can also help to protect the vehicle’s paintwork from future damage, making it easier to keep the vehicle looking its best for longer.

As such, paint correction can be considered an investment, rather than a cost, and one that is likely to pay off when the time comes to sell your vehicle.

black vehicle going through paint correction process
yellow mustang with paint correction

Benefit #3 Protection from the Elements

As vehicles age, paint correction from car detailers can become an important part of protection from the elements. While it is true that it can improve the look of your vehicle, it also provides protection from elements that can damage the paint over time.

When paint correction is done by a car detailing service, it can bring back the original shine to your car’s paint. In addition, it can remove swirl marks and other imperfections in the paint. 

Sun, rain, snow, and even dirt and pollutants can cause havoc, making it dull, chipped, and faded. Paint correction can remove blemishes and restore the protective coating on your paint, protecting it from damage.


Long-lasting benefits

If you are looking to improve the look of your car, paint correction is a great option. Most commercial car washes and improper home washing can cause swirl marks, leaving the car with an unattractive look. Paint correction improves the look of your car by removing these swirls and restoring the original quality of your paint.

Paint correction is the best foundation before applying any paint protection services. It will drastically improve the appearance and the durability of the protection product.

Need Paint Correction?

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Paint Correction Process

We have a very specific process that we follow to make sure that paint correction is done right on every vehicle.

Exterior Detail Car Washing with Power Washer


The paint correction process begins with a gentle yet thorough wash to remove dirt and other contaminants.

foam car exterior wash


Decon is applied to remove iron and calcium deposits.

clay bar polishing and detailing car


A clay bar is used on the surface to extract any other contaminants and debris that the wash mitt could not remove.

car cleaner polishing car with buffer machine


For the correction, we use a machine buffer to restore the paint. This is to be done by paint correction professionals to prevent burning through the clear coat and needing to repaint the vehicle.

hand wiping down a car during paint correction process


After the correction, we strip any compound so if a ceramic coating is applied it will adhere directly to the paint.

paint correction finished on luxury car


A freshly-cleaned and flawlessly prepped paint that is ready for paint protection services - we highly recommend a 5+ year ceramic coating to protect against our Arizona elements.

Paint Correction Packages

Paint correction is used to take out minute scratches and spider web swirls – these look like cracks in your paint.

A Polish

Removes 35% of Scratches

paint correction car


pickup with ceramic coating

Mid-size Trucks/SUVs

black truck side mirror with sunlight effect

Large Trucks/SUVs

A 2-Stage Paint Correction

Removes 60% of Scratches

pain correction on a white sedan


paint correction on a black truck

Mid-size Trucks/SUVs

large dodge ram truck freshly detailed

Large Trucks/SUVs

A 3-Stage Paint Correction

Removes 85% of Scratches

automobile paint correction


nice classic blue truck

Mid-size Trucks/SUVs

large truck paint correction

Large Trucks/SUVs

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