About Us

About Us

Pristine Auto Detail

Pristine Auto Detail is a full-service car detailing company serving the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, Sedona, and Cottonwood areas. We specialize in complete In and Out Details, Ceramic Coatings, and Paint Correction for cars and trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and watercraft.

30 Years of Being A Car Cleaning Enthusiast


My name is Chris Perez, a car cleaning enthusiast for over 30 years. I feel like my car is an extension of who I am and I take pride in how it looks. I am blessed to be able to turn one of my passions into a profession and to offer you with a best-in-class detail service.

As the owner of Pristine Auto Detail, it is my top priority to provide you with the absolute best auto detailing experience for your vehicle.

My wife, Lauren and I have teamed up to bring you the very best experience.

Our fully-loaded mobile detail van is suited with the highest quality equipment and solutions that are applied with expertise and finesse to your automobile.

Our mobile detailing services conveniently come to you, whether you are at home or at work!

Need a Car Detailed?

I am happy to put an auto detailing package together that is right for you and your budget.

Protect Your Prized Possession

Not only do you want a clean automobile inside and out, free from water spots, dirt, sap, bug guts, etc., but you need to protect your paint from Arizona’s harsh elements. This will, no doubt, keep your investment looking brand new. We offer ceramic coating paint protection services that will extend the life of your vehicle’s paint by helping to prevent oxidation, rust, and water spots. It also helps to protect against scratches. 

man applying ceramic coating to car surface
VW 2 year ceramic coating

Tried and True Products Just For You

With research and trial and error, my findings have led me to use the Revivify Ceramic Coating product line. 

Revivify was developed by Hermes Huang, a chemist in Taiwan, whom we have had the pleasure to meet and be personally trained by. He has tested and compared most, if not all, of the other ceramic coatings on the market to create a far out-performing, superior coating for vehicles.

Revivify has been put to the test over and over again and is the top performer on the market, and that is why we will only use this amazing product on our customers’ vehicles.

A Spot-Free Finish

Due to the harshness of Arizona’s hard water, we have opted to invest in a Deionized Water System. Using deionized water removes minerals in the water such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. These are the culprits that leave unsightly water spots and create a dull look to your paint.

Rather than using another product on your paint to remove water spots, we wanted to eliminate them altogether for a more Pristine finish. 

Cadillac CTS ceramic
Specialist installs car paint protection film
mid size suv exterior detail

Restore Your Paint to Be Like New

Pristine Auto Detail takes the well-worth-it time and care to apply the paint correction process to restore your paint to a like-new finish.

I am a properly trained specialist in paint correction to effectively remove defects and imperfections in your paint. Imperfections include swirl marks (also known as hologramming), scratches, and impurities.

Your paint will be renewed with a hi-gloss finish, creating that awesome reflection effect. 

For the best protection, treat your vehicle to a specialist’s master touch with a hand car wash. Not only will you get the ultimate Pristine Clean, but your automobile will be in good hands with an expert eye on every detail.

Pristine Customer Service

We highlighted all of our services and offerings, but the most important part of this business is you.

We promise to be responsive and attentive to your needs, with your satisfaction as our number one goal.

One of the biggest pleasures I get from this profession is to see the faces and the reactions of the customers when they see their automobile dazzle inside and out. 

I take great honor in working with you and your vehicle. 
We got your vehicle cleaned, buffed, and protected from the upholstery to the engine, the windows to the tires, plastic and chrome – all with Pristine care.
handing a customer their keys back
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